JimiLab is a (mostly undergraduate) research space for Just Inspired Music Innovation at Ithaca College. Our work focuses on building novel applications to help people discover, enjoy and benefit from music.

Current Projects:

SLIONS Karaoke: A mobile karaoke app that explores how singing in a foreign language can be both enjoyable and beneficial in term of foreign language learning outcomes (vocabulary, pronunciation, understanding.)

Localify: an early stage project that looks how we can use Spotify to promote music and events from local artists.

Past Project:

MegsRadio.fm: A personalized radio player that has been designed to promote the work of local artists by contextualizing their music with songs by more well-known artists. Web, iOS, and Android apps, Blog, Early Academic Paper, TEDx Talk


Music Embedding with Taste Spaces: Using radio playlist histories, semantic tags, tweets, geotags, and time stamps to explore ways in which we can embed music for playlisting and visualization. Demo


Meuse Radio: An exploration of using music recommendation techniques to recommend online radio stations based on seed artists. Defunct Web App, Academic Paper


Beat-Sync-Mash-Coder: Inspired by the artist Girl Talk, we created an real-time music mixing tool that uses beat-tracking and phase vocoding to automatically layer multiple tracks on top of one another so that it sounds good and keeps the beat. Live Web App, Video Demo, Academic Paper

Herd-it: An early “game-with-a purpose” that used the wisdom of a crowd to accurately and efficiently label music with meaningful tags. Defunct Facebook App, Academic PaperWired Article, Wall Street Journal Article (text)


Artist Image Browsers: It turns out you can judge an artist by an album cover. We proved this using image processing and computer vision techniques to be able to predict genre labels from album covers and promotional images of artists. Web App, Academic Paper

Current Students:

  • Tim Clerico
  • Danny Akimchuk
  • Elena Piech
  • Alex Python

Ithaca College Alums:

  • Jon Burger (Google)
  • David Dorsey
  • Daniel Kustin
  • Fiona Lynch
  • Joe Menduni
  • Chris Perez (Cornell)
  • Evan Sobkowicz (Twitter)
  • Luke Waldner (Funkhaus)
  • Sarah Noell
  • Rawaid (Ali) Akhtar (NBA)
  • Mariah Flaim (RedHat)
  • Andrew Horwitz (McGill, Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale)
  • Matt Kercher (Madden and Bergstrom)
  • Adam Linden (SUNY Purchase)
  • Stephen Meyerhofer
  • Alex Spirgel (Miles Technologies)
  • Kris Stensland (SurveyMonkey)
  • Laurence Welch (Jet)
  • Alex Wolf (Integration Point)
  • Richard Roberts

Cornell Alums

  • Jared Lim (Cornell)
  • Caroline Chang (Cornell)
  • Warren Crowell (Yelp)
  • Shane Moore (YouTube Music)
  • Justin Zupnik (Northwestern U., Curiosity)
  • Josh Moore (Facebook)
  • Shuo Chen

Swarthmore Alums:

  • Ashley Oudenne (U Texas at Austin)
  • Derek Tingle (Stanford CCRMA, SoundCloud)
  • Janis Libeks (U. of Toronto, Facebook)
  • Garth Griffin (Tufts U., Recorded Future)
  • Brian Tomasik (Microsoft)
  • Joon Hee Kim (KAIST)
  • Phyo Thiha (U. of Rochester)

Alums: Please be in touch and send me updates!